Black Her-story Month

To me, being an independent black woman living her dream means being a woman who knows her worth and doesn’t settle for anything less than she deserves in any aspect of life. Being an independent black woman means being a woman who loves and accepts herself for everything she is and everything she is not. An independent black woman dances to the beat of her own drums and is not limited by expectations of society or those around her. An independent black woman challenges herself to get out of her comfort zone and steps out in fear to pave her own way towards creating the life of her dreams.

As for me, embarking on my fashion influencer journey took a lot of courage out of me. Prior to deciding to step out in fear and create my Lady T page, I was crippled by the fear of the unknown and the opinions of others. I feared the lack of support and the possibility of failure. However, over the years, my influencer journey has helped me own my truth and step out of my comfort zone to go after my dreams. Through this journey, I’ve learned to tune out the opinions of others and dance to the beat of my own drums. In doing so, I have been able to find my voice in the influencer world and cultivate a community of women who support me and look up to me for being my authentic self. As an independent black woman BUILDING her dream life today, I believe in myself more than ever before and I thank my younger self for taking a bet on herself 5 years ago and stepping out in fear. 


Tina Mengistu | @helloladyt

Content Creator

To me, being an independent Black woman living her dream life is all about liberation. It’s freeing myself from the expectations of others and making decisions based on what brings me joy and fulfillment. After six years of working in fashion design and realizing it wasn’t my forever path, I took a bet on myself and started all over…during a pandemic. It was one of my scariest but proudest moments and taught me how crucial it is to believe in my ability and talent rather than succumb to self-doubt. I’ve started a new career in merchandising and personal styling, moved to a new city, and finally feel excited, challenged and inspired again. If I’ve learned anything over these past few years, it’s that life is too short to do anything or be around anyone that disturbs your peace AND there’s no better risk to take than on yourself. Time spent living in fear is less time spent living your dreams!



“ I was shown from an early age that a black woman can do anything she puts her mind to.

Being raised by a single mother made me aware of myself, my strength, and my potential. My love for fashion came from my mother, she always put herself together so well. 

I started working in retail at the tender age of 16 and developed an obsession with storytelling through my wardrobe. My creativity comes out through what I wear. 

To me, being an independent black woman living her dream life means putting God first then prioritizing myself so I can be a better person to the people around me. It means showing up every day unapologetically and helping other black women instead of tearing them down.

As a mother of two, one being a young woman in the early 20s. I strive to show her the importance of faith, self-care/confidence and sisterhood, and to never forget who she is and what she represents.

To all my black independent women the world needs you, sis.“


Styleliketrina xx

2 thoughts on “Black Her-story Month

  1. Absolutely Spectacular Black Excellence At It’s Finest God Bless All the Strong Independent Mothers Entrepreneur Positive Role Model that empower our community to be peaceful calm & collective on this journey call life Ladies In The Full Effect 4 life cannot live it Twice so let’s keep it like sugar & spice.

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