This is Me

Je crois aux femmes fortes I believe in strong women. That is my motto, my mantra of sorts. Why is it you ask? Because my mother is a strong woman, and her mother was a strong woman. Because I am a strong woman. I constantly see, when I take a look at the world andContinue reading “This is Me”

Fashion Blogger

2scoops of Jada in her Fashion world , It’s almost not a coincidence that I will be touching on this topic . From whenI was a kid , I had always been drawn to standing out , creativity , style , art , shopping which in this sense sums up “Fashion”. I was that squareContinue reading “Fashion Blogger”

Fashion contributor

Rosa Sanchez – tell us about your job as a fashion contributor for Forbes; give us insight on what you do ? I’ve been in journalism for a while now, and while I’ve dipped my feet in just about every beat, my goal has always been to have a fashion column where I can highlight emerging talent andContinue reading “Fashion contributor”


Shayna Davis – tell us about what you do or what you aspire to do in film ,what have you already accomplished and what are your goals? There’s definitely a part of me that aspires to do it all. I love every aspect from writing to camera to editing, so I’d love the chance toContinue reading “Film”

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