Hello its the CEO and Founder. It’s been a while and this is my first blog of the year. Being an entrepreneur there are many highs and lows. You’ll have your set backs and advances. This year my goal is expansion  in my business and personal life.  I’m going to level up by expanding  mentally, spiritually and financially . 

I strongly believe in applying pressure when you want something badly. I put so much pressure on myself because no one can work harder then you when you want to be successful. You have to get up everyday and grind it out. It may not look like your taking it to the next level  or see any results right away but as long as you stay consistent; don’t give up you will reap the fruits of your labor. 
As an entrepreneur,  there is nothing glamorous about this life. Some of you may or may not relate  to this statement. However,  I’m sure most entrepreneurs will agree that there’s a lot of sacrifices within this journey. For example, getting your hair and nails done just so you can put your dreams first. In addition, not everyone is going to believe or support  you. You must realize and accept that only you can see your vision. Furthermore, it’s one thing to  fantasize about a dream but it’s  another to turn the dream into reality. If you have a vision write  it down, make a plan and execute it. 
At times, we tend to rush the process. I’m in no rush to get to where I need to be because I know with God’s guidance he will place me there.  Don’t lose sight in what you love kings and queens. Continue to fight for your passions. Remember, with passion there will be pain but you are in full control of your destiny. 
 As a Haitian American I inspire to create opportunities. One of my goals when starting this business was to create job opportunities for millions of people around the world. Zoulette will  impact  millions globally. Zoulette will add value in the world. Zoulette will  bring peace to the life of others. Zoulette will break generational curses for generations to come.

Lastly, write these affirmations down. I like to place mines on my wall. They are a great reminder on the days I am not feeling my best. 








Yasmine Jean IG: @zoulettelaurent

When you focus on yourself you create more self-worth’. As I enter the New Year my biggest goal is to build on grace, poise, focus, clarity, and energy in every aspect of my life. This year is very personal for me as a business owner, I am expanding my artistry to different realms of the creative entrepreneur industry by trying and learning new skill sets to broaden my creativity. An immediate goal of mine is to be more intentional when it comes to business matters that will propel my company/brand to the next level.
 I’ve realized that to get to the next level one must have structure and discipline in their personal  and professional life as they go hand and hand; that’s where self focus comes in and is extremely needed in everyday-life situations because the decision made from being self focused will seep through the different aspects of your life. Self focus starts from within by putting things into perspective, making sacrifices and taking risks to achieve goals. By doing so things will align in your life for the greater purpose whether you’re trying to get yourself or your business to the next level. Self focus promises great benefits and more; it promises to lead you to self-mastery and a transformed life. 
I keep my self focus by finding a healthy balance between running a business and enjoying my life to the fullest by doing things that bring me peace and joy. My motivation is growth, as I see how I’ve flourished in multiple aspects of my life throughout the years that motivates me to keep thriving. In this season of my life it is important for me to stay present and grasp the essence of all lessons and accomplishments that are significant to my growth.

Best,Mélissa Baptiste

 Photographer – Digital Creator



This year my goal is intentional living. Basically I want a life that mirrors my values, beliefs,  passions and desires. I plan on making decisions on every arena in my life with intentions. By doing this, in my opinion, I will have a more fulfilled and abundant life! Intentional living may look different for everyone as we all have varied passions, desires and goals. For me, I will evaluate relationships in my life and pour more into the ones that bring me peace and value. Furthermore, taking charge of my personal  finances and being responsible through investments and strategic planning. I’m a true believer, goal setting is the cousin to dreams. You can dream, however, if you don’t set the goals then proceed with action then a dream will never come to fruition. As an entrepreneur, this is pivotal for the success of my businesses. You’ve got to take the steps on the goals that matter to you in order to be successful. Intentional living for me looks like getting myself  into a healthy place mentally and physically. In addition, I plan on working on developing monthly habits that give my life more meaning. 

Marie Ulysse

What will I focus on 2022?
When I was asked by my dear cousin to write about something that I want to focus in for this year. I have never been the type of person to create or have a” New Year Resolution”. Every day that I am blessed to see, I see it as an opportunity to do something differently if it’s not working. Why must I wait for a New Year ? Or set a date to start something new. 
I have always been somewhat of a workaholic, I love and enjoy what I do for a living. It makes it very easy to be immersed in the job and forget everything else in my personal life. In my opinion, I think that I have a great work-life balance even though my husband may not agree. Ever since the pandemic, I realized that there are more important things in life than work. This year, I’m approaching life differently. I am dedicating more time to my family. Trying to pursue a new hobby relating to fashion and focusing on ME, MySelf and I. It may sound a bit selfish, but as women, we are always putting other people and our family’s needs before our own ,and sometimes we forget to take time and take care of ourselves. Self-focus have different meaning for a lot of people. Personally, I think any time that I put into learning new things, learning to say no to anything that I have no desire in doing and not feeling guilty afterward. Setting boundaries, taking things slowly, not being too accommodating, understanding that at times shit will happen and it’s okay. It’s allowing myself to be more vulnerable. I will allow myself to be emotionally vested into anything and everything that I decide to do.

Karla Joseph

Before the new year began I did a lot of reflection on where I fell short with my list of resolutions.I realized, a list of resolutions without a plan is where I fell short. Resolutions are simply decisions made to do something or not. It’s easy to write or post about what I’m going to do for the upcoming year, but what’s the plan on getting there. Instead of creating a list, I wanted to have one word for the year that would help get me to where I want to be. My word and focus for this year is consistency. Consistency creates patterns, builds endurance and with endurance you get stronger every day. Strength to keep going, to keep grinding, to work towards healing, and to keep stepping into the purpose God has given me. Being consistent in all tasks that I take on or goals I go for is the most strategic way I can have a successful year. While practicing consistency this year, I must also remember to be kind to myself. Our biggest critics are ourselves, so I’m going to be a little kinder to myself and celebrate those accomplishments that may seem small to myself. 

Best, Joan Janvier

My name is Jeavina Brevilus and for a very long time I’ve put a lot of things and people before my self not realizing that it was draining and at times non beneficial.This year I wanted to do something else I’m choosing a different focus. I am conscious so it time to direct my attention on things that are going to benefit me and I mean ME in the years to come. I thought that focusing on me was being selfish. But I had to realize when you better yourself everything around you will be better. So I’ve decided to Focus on my physical health , my mental health, my financial health.I started with writing down some plans. For example trying to Incorporate a healthier meal choice or time for a spa day with friends and even finding a mentor and financial advisor. The focus is ME! I Found what I liked to do and I Trusted God to lead me.


My word for the year 2022 is Elevate.   This year I am being intentional with living a life full of abundance and elevating to the next level.  I plan on accomplishing this vision by focusing on the following areas of my life:

Mental – Being intentional about loving myself, healing my inner child and setting boundaries.   Most importantly, I will choose peace in every scenario.

Physical – This year I am focusing on  working out a minimum of 3 days a week.  My primary focus will be on building a routine that will  turn into a lifestyle.  The goal is to build discipline through my workouts in the, which in turn will benefit all the areas of my life.    

Spiritual –   connect with God on a higher power. I plan on accomplishing through daily meditation and prayers.

Financial- Getting rid of my scarcity mindset and any limitation I have around money.  Recognizing I can have whatever my heart desires. All I must do is ask and believe. 

Tasha B.

The Power of Focus

What’s my story? How did I harness the power of focus to transform my life?

A few years ago, I sat on my parents’ couch and had an epiphany. I realized that each day is full of choices. Pivotal moments where we are asked to make a decision to say yes or no;

To do or don’t;

To focus or to procrastinate;

To go big or go home.

Life has since taught me that we don’t get to run for the emotional exits when it’s time to make a choice. Our destiny is shaped by who we decide to be, and what we decide to do, every single day.

So as I sat there in my pajamas, broke and depressed, I decided to get up. I walked over to my mother’s crooked old cluttered desk and took a pen and paper. I swiftly made a checklist of all the things that I wanted for my future. After completing it, I let my thoughts fly as I scurried back and forth with myself. I got scared. I felt uncomfortable. I deemed myself unqualified. I looked around and thought “How can anyone who came from this small country town, do half of the things on this list?”

I wasn’t sure but to overcome my fears and channel my energy, I made one rule for myself: If it scares you, then you will say yes.

This is the mantra that rang through my head a few years later when I decided to leave San Francisco and drop out of college for the 3rd time. It’s what I thought about when I decided to empty my bank account the next week to pay for a business course that would transform my side hustle into a full-fledged brand, one that in two short years would make my clients over half a million dollars. I thought of it again this year when I chose to apply for an internship with globally known activist Angela Rye–of which I am proud to say, I was just accepted into.

At each fork in the road, saying yes to my fears was just the first step. It was my willingness to stay focused that formed the bridge between the old me and the woman I’ve become today. For me, focus looked like many things. Sometimes, it was turning the music off so I could concentrate on what I was writing but it also looked like turning down a high-paying job that didn’t align with my values or vision.

If you want to hone your focus and use it to completely transform your life, first learn to listen to your emotions. Your feelings are whistleblowers. They snitch on you to your brain and let you know when and if you’re moving in the right direction.

Remember that each day is full of choices. Life is brimming with pivotal moments where you will be asked to make a decision to say yes or no;

To do or don’t;

To focus or to procrastinate;

To go big or to go home.

So, what will be your story? How will you harness the power of focus to completely transform your life?

Thank you.

Chrissy Bryant


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