Social Media Manager

Meet the Founder
Hey, boss babe! Joanne here, the face and founder of Joanne & Co.

For years, I’ve shared my tried-and-tested social media strategies with women who want to build their personal brands. It has been my mission to empower women to take the first step towards social media success, whatever their definition of that may be. 

Think of me as your online fairy godmother. I’ll make sure that your platforms reach their fullest potential through strategic social media management. Whether you’re a beauty blogger, fashion influencer, content creator — the list goes on — I’m here to help you shine.

If you’re struggling to build your brand, look no further. I specialize in social media management, audience engagement, content creation, personal branding, and much more.

Ready to reach your social media dreams? Drop me a message today!

What You Can ExpectCommitment
I would never ghost you. I commit to every collaboration, even if that means turning down time for myself. I’m ready to go above and beyond because you deserve my undivided attention. I’m here to help you succeed on social media — no excuses.
I’m your social media manager, but that doesn’t mean I call the shots. Your social media platforms are still yours. That’s why I prefer to take a collaborative approach with all of my clients. I want to know what they want to achieve so that I can help them package their ideas perfectly.
“Do it for the ‘gram!” No, I don’t think so. I’m here to help you create content that stays true to you. Whether you’re into food, fashion, and everything in between, we’ll make it work. We’re all about authenticity here.

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