Haitian Flag Day – Mental Health

Personally as an artist I feel like mental health is imperative just so your in a great space to work . I feel like society has a habit to undermine mental health until it is too late at time . I am also aware that in certain circumstances mental health problems  can be more damaging  then physical health because it doesn’t come off as visible in most cases .

Four Types of symptoms of Mental Health

  • Long-lasting sadness or irritability.
  • Extremely high and low moods.
  • Excessive fear, worry, or anxiety.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits.

Take care of yourself. Focus on things that can better your daily lifestyle.

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Growing up Haitian, mental health is one of those things that is almost never looked at and sometimes never talked about. But, what I can say is that being Haitian instilled strong characteristic traits that help carry me through-out everyday. From dropping out of high school to making a name for myself through music and even getting shot multiple times is challenging and that can destroy your mental I must agree.

Mental health is so crucial to our everyday life. From our relationships and careers to our productivity and passions, our minds must be in a good place to allow ourselves to flourish in other ways. A lot of times we focus on the physical body and presentation and fail to nurture and care for our minds when, in reality, our mental wellbeing is the foundation for every other area of our life. As a black man, navigating mental health is still so taboo even in 2022. Culturally and systemically, there are a lot of reasons why we still fall through the cracks regarding our mental health, and sometimes as a culture we avoid addressing mental wellness altogether. Even more so as an artist, people often look at you as some sort of icon and forget that you’re human, too. It is so important that we create the spaces and open up conversations for us and by us to navigate our mental health better collectively.

These are some warning signs of Mental illness

Difficulty perceiving reality

Overuse of substances like alcohol or drugs

Thinking about suicide

I encourage you to stay positive and speak great things into existence over your life.

Zoey Dollaz

I started rapping when I was 7 years old back home in (Haiti) in school and by the time I was 12 I already made a name for myself. At that age mental health is not something that you think about. Moving to New York was challenging. I had to keep my name alive and that’s when my mental health was challenged I had to push and keep my spirits high. Coming from  Haiti a country that’s looked down upon can add more to the challenges because at times they look down on you too. What got me through was keeping my  spirits lifted and staying prayed up. 

Remember if you feeling down, work on yourself do things that make you happy love yourself.

Ti Jezi  






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