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It’s almost not a coincidence that I will be touching on this topic . From whenI was a kid , I had always been drawn to standing out , creativity , style , art , shopping which in this sense sums up “Fashion”. I was that square shape in a round hole in my family , I mean so easy to detect when from afar. Always tirelessly trying new stuff in a world of my own with the littlest things unimaginable which made me stand out a lot . I would watch shows; even music videos at the time to know what is in vogue and what to adopt and if I can’t afford those , I will recreate my way . I remember my mama struggling to understand this daughter of hers but she couldn’t. Then I became older and would have this set of family members ask my opinion about what they can wear and what suits what . I knew this was inborn and I consistently danced to the tune , in my own words “Do me”. My friends and family would always compliment me whenever I step out and trust me I never “dress” to just go to the store , I “Dress Up “ if you know what I mean 😂. They will literally appeal to me to tone down what I am gonna wear if we have to go out to functions. Honestly fashion to me became therapeutic cos I would shop when I am happy or sad. It serves my mood at all times and heals in a way .

I have come to realize all over the World it’s loved as you can reinvent, express, create & stand out from the rest of the crowd. It also gives me confidence, as if I look good, i feel good inside. I simply just love the thrill of shopping for new clothes & updating my wardrobe. I feel like I can be anything and conquer the world with fashion .

My love for fashion is still as strong as back then, even if the fashion world has become more business, then art. As Karl Lagerfeld said, “Fashion is an injustice, just because you want to work in the industry, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen”. 

Let me leave this right …. Jada is Fashion , Fashion is Jada

1. I’ve loved fashion since I was little girl, from my grandma taking me to the stores every weekend, to packing only a suitcase full of shoes to bring to my uncles house 😂, but mainly my fashion history started back from watching my mom get dressed, and coordinating her outfits, ready for her corporate job, and by the time I was able to first start dressing myself In middle school, everyone would be raving about my looks lol, it inspired me to further embark on my career in fashion styling! And blogging. Here I am today, I am a fashion merchandising student in New York city, running after my dreams of becoming a fashion stylist! 

2. What inspires me to be fashionable is the art work that goes into fashion. and appreciation for the art of fashion. So many different styles of dress, it allows me room, and acceptance to style/ dress in what best resonate with me.

3. What inspires me to be fashionable, is the fact that you can have so much fun with fashion. I have a really keen sense of style, I pull pieces together what feels good in my soul. I enjoy seeing different patterns and cuts. And it gets me inspired to pieces them together in ways that I like. 

4. What connects me to express my style, is that it is a form of communication. Your appearance says a lot about you, so why not make it special? 

5. Some of my favorite brands are 




Dion lee

Many many more

6. Looking good, and feeling good means to me when you throw on your best outfit, and it’s a promise you will feel good all day! It will give you confidence, a fun outfit makes you feel like a super hero and give you a lot of mental strength, Fashion is my armor to surviving everyday life. 

1. My own personal fashion life: My fashion story starts with hair. I remember growing up my mom couldn’t afford expensive clothes but she always made sure we were neat and presentable. One thing about my mom is she made sure my hair was always done!! It was her forte. Especially on picture day, when she would give me little curls, a bang and always LAID the baby hairs LOL! As I grew up I started to develop my style and learned how to coordinate items (even when I didn’t have a lot). My peers would always compliment me on my style. I would always get stopped in public about either my shoes, hair or outfit. This birthed my passion to inspire women through fashion. When I started my blog in 2017 & ironically my niche was centered around hair (so nostalgic)!! In 2019, I found myself fighting the urge to post more fashionable content, I then decided to transition my brand to style. I personally love putting things together that is very different but still in trend.  I can confidently define my style as eclectic meets chic & it’s been growing every since!

2. What inspires you to be fashionable?:To be honest, other women inspire me to be fashionable! I look at other beauty mavens from all over that can really dress theirs butts off & it just inspires me !! + fashion is all around us. It’s a form of art & creativity. I believe that we all are born with innate creativity, so literally anything can spark my fashion sense.
3. What connects you to express you’re style?:What connects me to express my style is simply how I feel when I have on a dope outfit, it most definitely enlightens my confidence and makes me feel like I can conquer anything!! No matter how much you’re look cost, how you carry yourself in the clothes is what brings out your true style.

4. What does looking good and feeling good means to you?
As I stated earlier when your look is put together( hair, make up, outfit and shoes) it almost immediately makes you feel more confident. And when a woman knows she’s looking good it’s almost nothing anybody can tell her! LOL most importantly because we all have different styles, as long as you feel good nobody can take away that feeling. 

Well ever since I can remember I’ve always been interested in fashion. My older cousin is whom inspired  me to fall in love with it. I was the one who would be in class drawing fashion designs and inspiring  others to follow. I soon went to school for fashion merchandising, and ended up creating my blog under  my name “Kelondra Brackins”. This is where I express my interests in fashion and show my own personal  mom style. I love showcasing my outfits, and inspiring others on the outfits I recreate, or come up with  on my own. Fashion is my happy place! 

What Inspires you to be Fashionable: 

We all have different types of style when it comes to what we like to wear. Some like to be more casual,  grungy, preppy, chic, or more street athletic wear. There are numerous things that inspire me to be  fashionable. One being social media, such as Pinterest. I love scrolling on there and finding inspiration  for my next outfit; and adding a little twist on it. Fashion is a form of art, it’s something beautiful that  allows anyone to fully express themselves in a creative way. 

What Connects you to Express your style: 

Well for myself I’m all about comfort with a sense of fashion. I am a mom, so I have to be able to chase  my toddler around. But with being a mom, I don’t want to always wear sweats, and a hoodie. I love  getting dressed up and coming up with a cute fashionable look. I also go off of my everyday life; I don’t  live a glamorous lifestyle so the outfits I do choose to wear can be more casual everyday styles. 

What are your favorite brands: 

The brands I love to shop at are more on the affordable side, that fit my lifestyle. My favorite brands  would be Steve Madden, Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Nike, H&M, Zara, and ASOS. I also like to shop at  small online fashion boutiques too. Steve Madden has the best styles for all types of shoes. They keep  up with the latest trends and each pair I have bought have always been of good quality. If you follow my  Instagram, you will know I absolutely love Abercrombie & Fitch. Their jeans are really good quality and come in different lengths based on your height. They have been stepping up their game when it comes  to their clothing lately. 

What does looking good and feeling good mean to you: 

For me looking good and feeling good goes hand in hand. I say this because you can look good all you  want, but deep down if you aren’t confident in the outfit you are wearing, it shows. You won’t radiate as  much as you would because that inner confidence isn’t at the level it should be. You have to be 

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