Fashion contributor

Rosa Sanchez

– tell us about your job as a fashion contributor for Forbes; give us insight on what you do ?

I’ve been in journalism for a while now, and while I’ve dipped my feet in just about every beat, my goal has always been to have a fashion column where I can highlight emerging talent and small brands creating incredible products. As a contributor at Forbes, I’ve been able to do that, and through my work have been introduced to a myriad of amazing designers prioritizing sustainability and ethical luxury. 
Every month I focus on profiling a new group of up-and-coming brands and designers. Luckily, there are millions of creatives out there making a difference, so I’m sure I’ll never run out of content.

– tell us why fashion, art, and journalism are so important to you. What do these interests mean to you?

Journalism: I love a good story, and I think every journalist feels the same way. My goal, when coming up with article ideas, is always to say something that has not been said, or shine a light on something that has been overshadowed. 
Art: This may sound ironic coming from a journalist, but I think there are some things words cannot fully communicate — emotions, dreams, feelings — and for that, I turn to the visual. Nothing makes me feel more like myself than walking through an art museum or dumping out all my acrylics and having a paint day.
Fashion: As an artist, I’ve always been obsessed with great design, and I know that’s why I’m drawn to fashion. At the end of the day, fashion is another form of art, except it can be much more emotional, to some, than a sculpture or a sketch, because you live your life in it. Your clothes can impact or reflect your mood, and every day that you choose an outfit, you’re choosing to say something about yourself (even if what you’re saying is that you don’t care that much about fashion). It’s amazing what a person can create with their mind, some fabrics and a sewing machine. 

– who or what inspires you to pursue your passions?

Honestly myself. I’m never really satisfied — and that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my accomplishments or happy to celebrate them — so I think having an ongoing, healthy competition with myself is what keeps me going. In terms of my idols, though, I would say my biggest inspiration is Anna Wintour — which is such a fashion writer thing to say, but she’s always been right at the center of my mood board.
– what originally drew you into culture journalism and fashion?

I’ve been making art for fun since I was a toddler, and writing was always my second passion. So, I guess I decided early on that I would just do what I love to do and hope to make a career out of it. And it’s worked out, so far!

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